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Two Way Radios and Man Down Solutions

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Lone Worker Two Way Radios

LRS UK has been supplying man down 2 way radios since the introduction of the technology many years ago. Our customers have confirmed that this radio technology for health and safety saves lives - over and over again. As an independent supplier to the top radio brands we are unbiased and can supply you with ANY brand of radio for emergency and man down situations.

Of course we also supply all regular radios and all accessories at exceedingly good pricing structures.

Man Down Radios - HTQ


HTQ are one of our 'own brand' LRS man down radios - available in both license free and licensed and are some of the most ruggedised walkie talkies we sell.

Key features:
  • Very rugged and robust design, IP66, MIL-810
  • 1.5 of loud, clear audio via 45mm Ø speaker
  • 16 user selectable channels
  • 2100mAh Li-Poly battery pack
  • 7 signalling protocols - CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 5 tone, 2tone, QDC1200 with ANI and PTT ID
  • 3 function buttons, including orange emergency button, with fully assignable functions
  • Voice annunciation (switchable) for channel and features
  • Emergency alert, prompted response, lone worker and man-down as standard - all fully configurable
  • Dimensions 120 x 55 x 34 mm (exc. aerial), 300g (inc. battery)
  • Firmware upgradeable to allow future enhancements
  • Other features include scrambler, compander, whisper mode, configurable VOX and lots more
  • Supplied with antenna, battery, desk charger and belt clip

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Man Down Radios - Opus

The Opus D8 has been designed to deliver reliable voice communications and advanced DMR digital radio features in a range of tough environments. As users migrate towards digital two-way radio many will want to take full advantage of the new advanced features that are available, including text messaging, individual and group calling. The Opus D8 meets this requirement precisely. It is also backward compatible with legacy analogue radio systems, allowing you to begin migrating users today - fully switching to digital when you’re ready.

The Opus D8 has a robust, high quality casing that is IP65 rated and able to survive the effects of dusty atmospheres and direct water jets.

The orange ‘panic button’ will instantly send an alarm signal to a designated group of users. Display equipped radios can immediately determine who is in distress.

In digital mode, the high capacity 1700mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack delivers more than 14 hours use between charges and a longer life battery is also available as an option.


Key Features of the Opus D8

  • DMR digital & legacy analogue communication modes
  • Numeric keypad and LCD display for advanced feature operation
  • Advanced group and individual calling with improved privacy.
  • Text messaging - freeform and pre-set ‘fast texts’
  • High capacity (1700 mAh) Li-ION rechargeable battery pack - provides over 14 hours use between charges in digital mode
  • Loud (1W) and clear audio ensures reliable communication
  • Tough and durable to survive everyday use - thanks to a polycarbonate casing and aluminium chassis
  • More than 1,000 pre-programmed channels (in banks of 16)
  • Panic button for instant alerting in an emergency
  • Sleek and slim, ergonomic design - very comfortable to carry and use
  • Weatherproof construction and sealed casing protects the radio from dust and rain (IP65)
  • Motorola compatible, two-pin accessory jack for the widest choice of audio accessories
  • Two configurable dual-function side buttons to activate a range of additional features or customise operation
  • Extensive range of additional accessories - including headsets, microphones, carry cases, chargers and more - to enhance operation and suit your own operating requirements

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Other Radios



We currently supply every single brand of 2 way radios in current production (including Motorola, Opus, LRS, iCOM, Standard, Kenwood) and all accessories. As one of the largest suppliers to a number of vertical indistries including hospitality, health and safety, logistics, manufacturing and more you can be sure that our service and pricing are exceptionally good - our corporate clients would not put up with anything less!

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The views of a current user:

The solution to our Lone Worker problem

 Ian Litherland Telford Shropshire

 I am currently employed as an Environmental, Health & Safety Advisor for an aerospace business based in the West Midlands.

On site we work a variety of shift patterns, with the site being occupied 24 hours a day, 5 days per week, with weekend work undertaken as required.

We identified that we have occasions where some of our colleagues are require to work alone, where, although the site may be occupied, the location of the work could mean that very little communication would normally occur.

We investigated several solutions for lone worker cover including telephones and radios with lone worker and man down functions.

 The product that we eventually chose was the HTQ TH-8000 lone worker radio combined with HTQ TH-2800 radios for general communication and lone worker monitoring. We also purchased an Opus RSU1 radio based remote signalling and interface unit to communicate externally from site in the event of an emergency. We have since purchased the TC 700TX, an intrinsically safe version of the lone worker/man down radio for use in areas with the potential for explosive atmospheres.

The implementation of these radios has been a great success. The radios are easy to use and, for our site, the perfect answer to monitoring our colleagues who are temporarily working alone.

 The HTQ TH-8000 and TC 700TX systems work by emitting an alarm for both the lone worker and man down functions, this alarm is then picked up by any monitoring radio, either  another HTQ TH-8000/ TC 700TX in another area, or one of the HTQ TH 2800 general communication/monitoring radios.

The HTQ TH-8000/ TC 700TX also transmits a signal to the RSU1 unit, this in turn communicates to 3 pre-set mobile telephone numbers. The system always ensures that someone is notified in the event of an incident.

 The support from Long Range Systems (LRS) has been exceptional throughout the purchase and set up process for our system. I would highly recommend both LRS and the equipment that we purchased, the HTQ Lone Worker radio system combined with the RSU1 radio based remote signalling and interface unit is the perfect solution to our lone worker needs.