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Computer Paging for Emergency or Staff

Computer Paging Systems

Paging emergency staff or regular staff can be a great asset especially from a computer. Most custolmers have a precobceived idea about paging form a personal computer. In fact, these systems we have are far from what they assume.

For example, did you know that our solution can page, email, and sms text any member of staff. When they are 'on site' they will receive a 'page', but when they go off site they get an sms text.

Netpage Unlimited and what it can do for you

While any paging system can be useful for emergency communications, often they lack range or coverage.

Our solution has been developed to resolve each of those issues from the start.

In the case of on site paging, LRS developed a new technology called 'family areas' which are basically a series of transmitters (or families) that we can page selectively - thus resolving signal clashing that is common among other systems.

Need further range? Anywhere that there are two netpage systems they can be linked... even if that link was across the world. believe it or not you could even page staff in other sites providing theat netpage exists on the other site, that both sites have internet and as long as the system is set up to do so. Goodbye range issues.

Lastly we integrated sms text messaging in to the netpage solution so even when staff are no longer on site they can still be contacted.


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