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Security Devices

Customer View

We have used the OEM TX as an integrated device to security systems throughout the UK. Where a fast response is needed to any emergency situation the OEM TX has proved to be the most reliable device we have ever used. We switched to this product after using other companies that proved extremely unreliable.

This product was a refreshing change and the support was excellent.

Name and address supplied but we cannot use it because of the nature of the OEM TX in use within this customers portfolio.

Security Systems

We have had wireless enabled monitoring devices for many years and these typically are based around monitoring an 'open or closed' dry contact. Our devices can be used for many security solutions and below are just a few examples.


Our series two OEM-TX Board

While this OEM transmitter may look rather insignificant, in fact the device can  easily support up to SEVEN monitored and buffered connections. Whether you want to be notified when a machine has issues, or maybe connect each contact to an emergency button for staff, this small board is perfect.

Of course there are a multiplicity of uses for security systems.
There is also the ability to extend the signal for further range (although our customers in fact usually achieve about 100 metres or more with this device.

We can suply optionally software to program the contacts as normally open or normally closed and its possible to set alternative settings on the same device at the same time.

Overall power is around 10Mw but is easily adequate for most applications. Range can be increased with other equipment.



The Butler II

This device has two primary uses... firstly as a push button for attention (can be used also in emergency situations) and also (not shown) it has a single 'dry contact' underneath each unit that can be connected to ANY device that can 'close or open' a dry contact.

There are a multiplicity of uses within the security industry.
Output power is just around 10Mw but the unit is able to achieve around a 200m range in open air.

For further range we can supply a signal booster that can achieve up to 2 miles in open air.

All buttons are fully programmable with a programming kit so that the unit can be easily setup for almost any use.

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If you have any security requirements and don't see the product here that you need then please do contact us as we have many other solutions available.