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Integrated Alarm Systems for Radios & Fire Alarms

Customer View

I am happy to comment on the system and support you have provided. The system improved contact between workers in lone working situations in our factory, improving response times to an incident or call. The man down alarm with additional panic button distress call for immediate response is great.

Wienerberger Ltd

Integrated Alarm for Two Way Radio Systems

One of our latest developments in LRS UK is the RSU1 two way radio interface that can seamlessly connect two way radios to other communication services. This exciting new device is unique to LRS UK and we're very excited about the sales and general reception that customers have attributed to the unit.

This apparently simple device has been designed to integrate a two-way-radio system with a wide range of external devices. The RSU1 can be configured to receive trigger signals from two-way-radios and activate external devices, such as autodiallers, alarm systems, lights etc. or to notify radio users of external triggers, such as alarm activations, switch inputs and more.


RSU1 Key Features:

   * Simple unattended automatic operation

   * Manufactured and configured to each individual users needs

  * VHF (136-174MHz) and UHF (400-470MHz) models and up to
     25W power available

  * Up to 4 distinct external-to-radio triggers or 3 radio-to-external
    based triggers

  * Optional autodialer to alert-off-site- staff

  * Mains (110/240VAC) operation with optional battery back-up
     and/or DC only operation

   * Integrated aerial with selection of optional high
     performance/specialist external aerials

  *  Locking front panel to prevent tampering

  *  Front panel power LRD and optional trigger LEDs

  *  Optional accessory jack(s) to allow remote microphone and/or
      speaker for voice communication



Lone Worker Monitoring: When integrated with two-way-radios, the RSU1 can be set to automatically telephone and notify off-site staff in the event of an emergency.

Alarm Panel Monitoring: Connect to an alarm panel to provide instant alarm notification.

After Hours Reception Monitoring: Customer service staff can be notified to attend to the reception as guests arrive either through ‘ring for attention’ or other means.

Staff Protection: Panic buttons, footswitches, door sensors etc. can be integrated to alert security staff in other parts of the site.



Fire Alarm Paging for Blind Persons

While this OEM transmitter may look rather insignificant, in fact this device will  easily support up to 7 monitored buffered connections.

Used as an addition to a fire alarm system, it is possible to give a pager to a blind person and when the alarm sounds the pager will vibrate with a custom message to leave the building.

We can suply optionally software to program the contacts as normally open or normally closed.

Overall power is around 10Mw but is easily adequate for most applications and we can extend the range with a signal repeater.