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OEM TX for Machine Monitor and Fire Alarms

Customer View

We integrated the OEM in to one of our security systems on our site to monitor doors. The LRS stuff works very well and we liked the immediate responses to technical queries that we had.

J Lambda & Sons

Machine Alarm Paging Systems

Our newest OEM Transmitter (that pages all LRS Text pagers) includes up to seven open closed connectors that you can connect to up to seven switches or relays. When the state is changed on any of the connectors the unit will page with a custom message to advise the recipients of the problem. In fac this unit is so flexible that it can be used almost anywhere, whether for security, machine monitoring, fire alarms for the blind, changing rooms, surgeries and many more applications.


Machine Monitoring

While this OEM transmitter may look rather insignificant, in fact the device can  easily support up to SEVEN monitored and buffered connections. Whether you want to be notified when a machine has issues, or maybe connect each contact to an emergency button for staff, this small board is perfect.

There is also the ability to extend the signal for further range (although our customers in fact usually achieve about 100 metres or more with this device.

We can suply optionally software to program the contacts as normally open or normally closed and its possible to set alternative settings on the same device at the same time.

Overall power is around 10Mw but is easily adequate for most applications.



Fire Alarm Monitor for the Blind

Since 2014 fire alarm systems have to be compatible with blind persons in the building and have to be able to notify them that there is a fire alarm emergency.

Our OEM-TX meets these needs easily.

Simply integrate in to the fire alarm system (by using the 7 open or closed sensors) and when the fire alarm sounds then blind people will be paged directly.

An alternative use could be for maintenance staff to attend to the fire alarm when an error is generated in the system - the OEM-TX can be set up to page maintenance easily.

For further information on the OEM-TX transmitter and paging solutions please contact us directly.