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Health & Safety and First Aid Emergency Products

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Emergency Help Call Points

Incredible performance and these call buttons save lives every day. Low cost solution.

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Man Down Two Way Radios

Man down or regular two way radios, licensed or license free - we can supply all accessories too.

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Help Points - Call Buttons

Emergency first aid buttons - 6 buttons and can be mains operated. Low cost option.

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Security Buttons & Sensors

Can be used in many security and associated areas of business - 1 dry contact for triggering.

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Monitor Transmitter

Up to seven dry contacts. Can be used for monitoring machinery, security and even fire alarms.

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RSU1 Comms Interface

Integrates two way radios in to landlines, sms and other communication solutions.

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Computer Paging

Incredible PC or network paging to emergency staff or other employees.

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